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Service is the cornerstone of Cook Commercial’s approach. Whether it involves assisting
with a strategic plan or negotiating a lease, we are focused on helping you, or recommending
the right people to assist you, with every aspect of the process.


Cook Commercial’s extensive relationships and state-of-the-art information services enable us to immediately know when new properties become available. Our knowledge of tenant’s future plans often permits us to know when a space will be available, even before the landlord knows. We will identify properties in writing so that there will never be any miscommunication.

We will help you analyze prospective locations in detail and assess whether or not they truly satisfy your needs. We will analyze financial considerations such as rent, rent escalations, rent abatement, tenant improvements, operating expenses, and options for renewal or early termination. We will also base our recommendations on physical considerations such as location, options for expansion, parking availability, physical suitability, efficiency, size and other pertinent requirements.
Before you know if a property truly suits your firm’s needs, you should determine how your current and future business plans fit into the physical space. Our ability to understand your organization’s vision allows us to identify architects, designers, vendors and contractors who are qualified to help you make your decisions accurately, promptly and with peace of mind. In most cases, we can negotiate with the landlord to compensate your team of vendors and service providers directly.

There is more to negotiations than price. Many other terms and conditions affect occupancy expense to a far greater degree. In coordination with a Tenant’s legal counsel, we will be there to assist with all facets of negotiation: initial proposal or request for proposal, the letter of intent, lease documents (or purchase and sale agreement) and the final construction agreement. Your legal counsel will appreciate our knowledge and experience. Together we will cover the bases and strive to secure the best price, terms and conditions.

Once you have found the space and negotiated a purchase agreement or a lease, you then face the challenges of design, construction and move in. This is where working with Cook Commercial can really pay off. We have structured our services to extend beyond the property acquisition phase. Over the years, we have developed an extensive network of service providers and contractors to help you complete your new facility. Upon request, we can assist your firm in securing qualified outside construction and relocation vendors, including space planners, designers, architects, general contractors, construction managers, furniture vendors, moving companies and data/telecommunications consultants.
We only represent tenants. As you look to relocate, renew or expand your facilities, look to Cook Commercial, the real estate firm that always represents you and your needs.
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