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The Importance of Tenant Representation Services for Commercial Leasing

Businesses are always concerned with saving money and negotiating the best deals. Since real estate is usually the second largest expense in a
company's budget, it is essential to get the best lease deal possible. That is why tenant representation services are a necessary part of any corporate
real estate lease or purchase. Just as a business needs professional CPA's and attorneys for financial and legal matters, they need professionals to
assist them with important real estate decisions.

Tenant Representation Services Work for the Tenant

The landlord's broker is obligated to represent the best interests of the landlord, not the business owner. The tenant broker is committed to
representing only you, avoiding any conflict of interest problems. When only the landlord's representative is negotiating lease agreements for both
parties, they must try to get the best possible deal for the landlord. Having a professional tenant representative on your team can easily save you tens
or hundreds of thousands of dollars and many future headaches.

Finding the Best Location

Extensive knowledge of the local real estate market is necessary to find all of the available properties. Complete unbiased information on commercial
office space listings is not available online, and searching through broker listings is time consuming and unlikely to reveal all availabilities. Tenant
representation services will keep you informed about all suitable opportunities and offer objective advice about each property.

Specialized Expertise

Negotiating a commercial lease is a complicated and risky process. Since business owners are regarded as sophisticated consumers, there are
fewer disclosure and statutory protections available for commercial leases than there are for residential ones. Cook Commercial has the knowledge
necessary to uncover unfavorable terms that may become unacceptable hindrances for your business. They understand your rights, help avoid
risks, and together with your legal counsel, reach the most economical and advantageous lease agreement.

No Additional Cost for the Tenant

Commercial listing agreements contain fee to compensate the landlord's broker. A tenant representative is compensated by sharing that fee with
landlord's broker. If the tenant has no representation, the entire fee goes to the landlord's broker. Having tenant representation saves the business
owner money; without representation the tenant is on their own.

Cook Commercial represents the interests of commercial tenants in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties and their surrounding communities. Our
comprehensive approach has developed from over 20 years of experience in the California real estate market. Contact us for more information about
how we can serve your real estate leasing and sales needs.

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